On Aug 15th Discogs will start failing search API requests when the request is not secured with an OAuth access token.

This means that in order for Discogs searches to continue to operate in Yate, you will have to authorize the application to run.  We’ve written a wizard which will step you through the process automatically.  In theory this wizard should only have to be run once.

In order to authorize Yate you will have to be registered at Discogs.  If you have not already registered you will have to do so.  While you have to log in to authorize Yate you do not have to be logged in while accessing Discogs via Yate.

This functionality will be available in the upcoming v2.7.6 release.  This should be the last release before v3.0.

We understand that some people are against registering at web sites and we feel for you.  However, it is not our data and we have to play by their rules.  Discogs remains an amazing resource and we’re happy to be allowed to continue to provide access to it.