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cross-platform filename issue?
boneskullPostApril 16, 2018, 16:10
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May 14, 2016, 05:14
Normal topiccross-platform filename issue?


I apologize for how convoluted this is.

- I have 10 tracks in a folder on an ext4 drive.
- This drive is shared to macOS via NFS.
- This drive is shared to Windows via Samba.
- A Windows box originally created the tracks.

I selected these files in Finder and dropped them into Yate. These tracks were imported into Yate (I am copying the filenames as shown in my console via a SSH session into the Linux box):

01 - Mortiis - Ferden Og Kallet.mp3           
04 - Mortiis - En Sirkel Av Kosmisk Kaos.mp3
05 - Mortiis - Vandrerens Sang.mp3
06 - Mortiis - Den Bortdrevne Regnbuen.mp3
07 - Mortiis - Trollmannens Krypt.mp3
08 - Mortiis - Stjernefødt.mp3
09 - Mortiis - I Mørket Drømmende.mp3
10 - Mortiis - Fanget I Krystal.mp3

These tracks were ignored by Yate:

02 - Mortiis - Da Vi Bygde Tårnet.mp3
03 - Mortiis - Under Tårnets Skygge.mp3

I renamed these tracks




, closed all the files, and dragged the files back into Yate. All 10 tracks loaded into Yate.

Once I had processed all of the files, I used Yate to rename them (File > Rename > Track2-Title). Tracks 2 and 3 renamed like so:

02 - Da vi bygde tårnet.mp3
03 - Under tårnet’s skygge.mp3

I then removed all of the files from Yate, and dropped them back into Yate. All files loaded, as expected.

Nothing is obviously different about the original filenames and the final filenames except which OS did the naming...

2MR2PostApril 16, 2018, 17:02
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August 23, 2012, 19:27
Normal topicRe: cross-platform filename issue?

When you drag files into Yate, a list of files is received. In MAC OS terms, these files are promised. Yate uses the passed paths to load the files. While different systems have different character validation rules, Yate really doesn't care. The key thing is that Yate can detect that the filename extension is one of the known extensions associated with its supported audio types. If Yate is told to load files where it cannot determine that the filename extensions are 'ok', they will be ignored.

I have all my personal tracks on an ext4 drive. At various times I have used AFP and SMB as the means of connecting to my Mac. In fact, on my drives I can expose the shares such that they can be accessed by both. The issue must be driver related as I've renamed two files to be visually as you've described and I can load the files with no issues. Renaming the files in your case, changed something.

I can't know what your Open Mode was when you first loaded the files. If the Open Mode was Album, dragging a single file from the folder should have loaded all files in the folder. It would be interesting to have a few test results before you renamed the files. If loading a single file successfully loaded all files it would mean that the filenames presented to Yate when it manually read the folder contents were different than those presented to it when it went to load the files.

It has to be one of the following:

- the filename as presented to Yate could not be located when a load was attempted. This could be due to the driver mangling the presentation of some UTF8 conversion such that the exposed name did not resolve back to the correct file.

- the full path somehow mangled the '.mp3' extension, in which case Yate simply wouldn't try.

Whichever, neither explains much.

It also would have been interesting to see if everything worked if you mounted the share as SMB as opposed to NFS.

Yate works with what it is passed. More than likely this has something to do with the NFS driver rather than the source OS.

If you still have access to a backup of the original files the open with Album Mode would be interesting. I'm at a loss to think of any other potential issue.

You thought that the question was convoluted ... the answer is worse and less satisfying.

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