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Append Silence
NicoPostDecember 2, 2020, 08:38
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May 3, 2015, 13:20
Normal topicAppend Silence

I have a dream:
Yes, I know, Yate is not an audio editor but it would be so comfortable if one could add silence during tagging. E. g. 2 seconds at the end of track for multiple files (Batch processing).
Maybe with an external plugin? Does someone know an easy way to do so? Thanks for support.

2MR2PostDecember 2, 2020, 11:06
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August 23, 2012, 19:27
Normal topicRe: Append Silence

We hate messing with the audio stream. Further, we'd have to be able to decode the audio stream in order to modify it and we currently do not do so. Sorry. If someone knows of a CLI which can do this, Yate can call it.

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