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Video Tutorials
SineonlinePostFebruary 21, 2021, 06:55
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April 21, 2020, 14:44
Normal topicVideo Tutorials


This was my original post re querying databases. I've since changed it to a question.

Nevertheless, a tutorial video on creating and querying databases would be really useful!


2MR2PostFebruary 21, 2021, 09:27
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August 23, 2012, 19:27
Normal topicVideo Tutorials

When answering your other post I described a far easier method of updating library only metadata in iTunes. Simply link the files and do a Refresh Apple App. This will always work if you've configured the Auto-Export section of Preferences-Apple Apps. The refresh happens automatically every time you save a linked file. This means that if Auto-Export is configured, a save gets rid of the need for a refresh.

For those of you who may not have seen the other post, I suggest you read 'Working with Apple Apps - The Basics' which can be found in the documentation section of the resources page.

Querying a database can only be done in an action. There are quite a few sample actions which query databases. Go to the Sample Actions section of the resources page and do a text search for Database. The best reference is the help for action statements in the Database (Query) category.


lauriePostJuly 4, 2021, 08:36
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July 27, 2020, 00:15
Normal topicVideo Tutorials

I am going to read where you have indicated but......

I love video tutorials. A tutorial on album/track databases produced by Yate would be great. Heck any new video tutorials would be great. 😀 😀

I would do them myself if I had the skill. 😳 😳 😳

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