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Import playlists from iTunes
TangueroPostSeptember 3, 2021, 04:19
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September 2, 2021, 18:37
Normal topicImport playlists from iTunes


I am new to Yate, and I'm happy to have found a software to quickly tag my audiofiles and to yuse them in different applications (iTunes, Virtual DJ, Serato, etc.). Yet, I do not understand the way Yate imports playlists from iTunes.

What I do is I simply drag & drop the audio files from my playlists in iTunes. My playlists are organized either by artist, or by genre. This is the only way that make sense for my purpose.

Regarding my playlists organized by artist, I should mention that I use the following structure: orchestra (always the same in individual playlists) plus singer (can be different depending on the song in individual paylists). Basically, the tag looks like this in iTunes: "Orchestra X - Singer Y". Thus, I can quickly sort and search.

Here are my issues when importing to Yate:

1. When I select all tunes in a playlist in order to drop them into Yate (in playlist mode), everything is in great disorder, meaning not in the way I have sorted in iTunes. This makes tagging very time consuming because I cannot apply group tagging (e.g. same singer, same album, etc.).
I guess Yate sorts in a way depending on some criteria, but I do not get it, since the only field completed in Yate would be the file path, everything else is blank. Album mode does not make sense because Yate would import tunes from other orchestras (e.g. compilations) not belonging to the particular playlist.
So, how do I import may playlists 1:1 (same order as in iTunes)?

2. Oftentimes, I cannot import all tunes simultaneously: I do select all in iTunes and when I drag and drop into Yate only one tune is imported, in the best case only a proportion of the entire playlist. It doesn't work even if I select only two or three tunes. You can imagine that it is pretty tedious when you have approx. 200 tunes or more in a playlist. Importing them one by one is surely not what Yate was made for.
Please let me know if there is anything I need to chance in the settings.

3. In Virtual DJ ratings are not automatically imported from tagged files. I have to do this mannualy by importing for every song individually. I guess, this is because of the different rating systems?
Can you please let me know if there is a way to adjust this?

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you for your support!

2MR2PostSeptember 3, 2021, 08:18
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August 23, 2012, 19:27
Normal topicImport playlists from iTunes

Album Mode uses a default album related sort when loading. It also always loads all tracks in the same folders as those being imported. This is by design.

When in Playlist mode, tracks are added to the end of the list in the order that they are listed in the data passed to Yate by the source application.

1. The way your tracks are displayed in iTunes does not necessarily represent the order that iTunes passes them to Yate. There is nothing that can be done about this as I cannot change the way iTunes/Music works. However you can sort individual columns in Yate's main file list at any time by clicking on a column header. You can even create and store your own custom named sorts by right clicking on any column header and selecting Sort>Create Named Sort. Once you've created a named sort you can access it on the same Sort menu.

2. I've seen this quite often in the Music (iTunes replacement) application but never in iTunes. Again, I cannot control what they pass to Yate. In order to get around the issue in Music (will also work in iTunes), we implemented the File>Open Selected Items In menu item. You will either see iTunes or Music on the displayed submenu. This method asks the application for the list of selected files and does not require dragging tracks. The menu items can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts. In the Case of the Music application this method seems to be more reliable. However, the order may still not represent the display order. Give this method a try.

3. I just did a search and evidently in Virtual DJ you to have to make sure that getRatingfromTags is set to Yes. See if this helps. If the ratings are there but seem incorrect, it might be that their interpretation of the ratings mappings are different (at least for MP3 files). The ID3 spec divides the 5 stars over a range of 256 numbers. If this is the case I can send you a zip of 256 file stubs with all the available rating values. We can visually use this to determine their mappings and adjust Yate accordingly. First see if you can adjust the Virtual DJ settings and get ratings imported.

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