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Highlighting items to be changed
SnowdogPostSeptember 7, 2022, 04:19
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March 15, 2022, 17:12
Normal topicHighlighting items to be changed

Before I discovered Yate, I used to use Amvidia's "Tag Editor".

One of the things that's caught me out a couple of times in Yate, & which I really miss, is the fact that Tag Editor would highlight anything that fell into the criteria of the intended edit & I could see at a glance whether what I was about to do was what I intended. (As can be seen from the screenshot, where the "find & replace" I'm about to do is highlighted.)

Yate doesn't seem to have a good incremental undo feature & many times I've had to revert to the initial editing state & do everything again rather than being able to take one step back to before the mistake.

Yesterday I removed some unwanted roman numerals only to find that it had removed capital "I"s from all over the place! Obviously that was me being an idiot, but I was unable to simple "undo" that move & refine my search.

Had the intended effect of the change been highlighted, I would've spotted it & refined my criteria before committing.

Just a thought, like. Incremental undos would work just as well.


2MR2PostSeptember 7, 2022, 07:27
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August 23, 2012, 19:27
Normal topicHighlighting items to be changed

Yate just doesn't work like that. The UI is completely entwined with actions and there is no way to highlight appropriate text.

Yate doesn't have an incremental undo because people tend to tag various fields in no particular order. Having to move back three steps to undo a change to a particular field simply didn't work for me. You can reset fields individual without resetting everything to the initial state. This once again is done on the function button. So if you change Title, then Artist, then Album Artist and realize that you've mad a mistake editing Title ... you can revert Title to its initial or editing state leaving the Artist and Album Artist changes in place.

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