I’ve noticed that a number of my albums either appear to have missing artwork or occur multiple times in the new iTunes 11 Album view mode.

This appears to be an iTunes database issue and unfortunately simply refreshing the files in iTunes does not solve the issue.  As far as I can tell the problem disappears if the name of the album is changed.

The Fix Duplicate Albums in iTunes action will change an album’s name, save it and change it back.  This corrects both the missing artwork and multiple occurrences of the same album issues.

To use the action, make sure Yate’s Open options are: Album mode, Replace the File List, Do not Process Subfolders.  With iTunes viewing albums, drag an album into Yate.  Once the album is displayed and linked simple run the Fix Duplicate Albums in iTunes action.  You should see the album’s issues corrected in iTunes.

You can download the action here.