When 10.15.2 was released I finally upgraded to Catalina as rebooting constantly for testing and support was becoming too much of a pain,  Prior testing had revealed a number of bugs in the new Music and TV applications that were annoying but I took the plunge regardless.

The biggest issue with Music is that refreshing files no longer updates artwork in the application.  Music is now an audio player that never refreshes its artwork when changed outside of its UI.  In 10.15.3 they partially fixed the issue.  Artwork in the tracks would be imported as displayed via Get Info but the displayed artwork would not be updated.  Too make matters worse, as of 10.15.4 beta 4 they’ve regressed so that artwork is again no longer updated anywhere.

While distasteful to have to use, the set of Extreme Update Apple Apps actions get around the issue by extracting all library only metadata, removing the tracks and adding them back.  Library only metadata is restored as is inclusion is user playlists.   These actions are available on the resources page,  I’ve been using them for a while now and they seem to do the trick.

When using the Music application I tend to reside only on the Songs display.  A few days ago for some reason I switched to the Album display … wow … what a shocker.  It seems that a large number of albums had lost their artwork during the migration from iTunes.  Further, a large number of albums had been replicated into multiple instances with the tracks split between them.  There is no valid reason for the albums to have been split as the metadata in them is consistent.  Luckily running Extreme Update Apple Apps – Always fixes both of these migration issues.

BTW: bug reports have been filed with Apple for all of these issues (and many others).  As of yet, I’ve received no feedback.

I’m sure other issues will crop up in the future.  You can use the Known Issues link available on the Help menu to see the latest issues and the results of testing the various betas.