First of all, thanks to all of you who responded. The response was far larger than we expected. It was also far more heated than we expected!

Much to our surprise it seems as if approximately 25% of the Yate user base is still on Snow Leopard. This means that we will not be dropping Snow Leopard support at this time. We’ll revisit the issue in a year … or two. Don’t worry, we will not let this support impact the UI work that we’re planning. It just makes it a little more difficult.

As far as 32 bit support goes, not one of you expressed a need for keeping it around. While zero is a statistically unusual number, we can only assume that none of you are on Macs that are old enough to be incapable of running 64 bit applications. There was some confusion around the 32/64 bit issue. Yate is dual built for 32 and 64 bit architectures. Evidently you are all running Yate as pure 64 bit applications. Based on the response, at some point we will silently drop 32 bit support. As all of the special code to support 32 bit is already done, we’ll only drop it when we actually have to do any significant work to keep it going.

With the release of v2.5 out the door we’re now concentrating on v3.0 which will be the promised UI release. Please feel free to pass on your comments and requests. Based on the response to the last poll, most of you prefer to respond by email. While you can send your suggestions by email if you prefer, the best way to get your opinions out is by posting to the Requests & Suggestions section of the Yate forum. Remember, that there are a lot of you out there and quite often the requests are contradictory.