We’re proud to announce the release of Yate 1.1!

Thanks to all the users for sending in feature requests. In this release we’ve tried to implement the most asked for features relating to the iTunes integration.

  • We’ve added the ability to Show Files in iTunes.
    This is available via the File menu, the context menu, toolbar buttons and via the Link to iTunes action step. Two methods are available:

    • Show Albums will essentially display a linked album in an iTunes playlist called Yate-Work. You can elect to automatically delete this playlist, if created, when Yate closes. SeePreferences>General; for a new option.
    • Show Track will display a single linked file in the main Music playlist.
  • We’ve added the ability to sync Skip When Shuffling with iTunes. This is another metadata field that iTunes does not write out to the audio files. A new field has been added to the Info tab to support this functionality. When linkd to iTunes and the Skip When Shuffling values differ, a ✖ character will be displayed in the iTunes column.
  • We’ve also added a File>Compare iTunes Values menu item. This feature will display a window comparing the linkable values as they exist in iTunes and Yate. You can selectively import and export any value regardless as to the linked field indicators you chose to display in Preferences>General>iTunes Linked Fields. You can also change the Yate values from this display.
  • There’s also been some minor rearrangement of the General preferences.
  • Bug fix: Growl notifications were not being issued for patched location in iTunes during a rename.

We hope everyone likes these new features, and be sure to join the forums to post your actions, feature requests or suggestions!