Thanks again to everyone for their suggestions and bug reports.

We had a few requests for AIFF support, which is now implemented in v1.3. We also added a Playlist mode which allows you to…you guessed it, create playlists. You can then export the list to m3u with the new m3u button or action.

Keep the suggestions coming and be sure to join us in the forums!

Here’s a full list of the changes:

  • Yate will now tag AIFF files (.aiff, .aif, .aifc)
  • The Open Modes can now be separated into two global states: Album Mode and Playlist ModeAlbum Mode is what existed prior to this release. When in Playlist Mode, opening a track will not automatically open all other audio files in the same folder. In Playlist mode the other mode options are always Add and Do Not Process Subfolders. Note that while running a batch process, you are effectively in Album Mode.
  • There is now a status bar available for the file list. The status bar displays the number of tracks and duration of the tracks. If more than one track is selected (ala iTunes), the displayed information refers to the selection. The status bar is toggled on or off via the Window>Hide/Show Status Bar item. The state is maintained separately for the Album and Playlist open modes. The status bar will also provide feedback when a large number of files are being loaded.
  • There is a new Action menu item and associated action function called Create m3u files. When in Album Mode one m3u file will be created for each folder represented by the current file selection. When in Playlist Mode you will be prompted for the name and location of a file to be created. Every open track will be written to the file regardless of the current selection. If all of the filenames can be represented in Latin1, an m3u file will be created. If this is not the case, an m3u8 file will be created with UTF8 encoding. Yate will place relative file paths into the produced files as long as all the files are descendants of the folder where the file is placed. If this is not the case, absolute paths will be written.
  • When in Playlist Modem3u and m3u8 files can be opened or dragged into the file list.
  • Preferences-General no longer has the performance/responsiveness sliders. They were intended for the initial beta period and have now been set to the most appropriate values.
  • The Done button used in the advanced editor panels and the action editor can now have a shortcut applied. This can be set in Preferences-Shortcuts. There is a new section item called Key Bindings which contains the Done item.
  • Added an option to Preferences-General so you can choose the Picture Type for artwork dragged into Yate. You can choose a default value of Cover (front) or Other.
  • Added an option to display track numbers padded to two digits in the file list display and the associated edit fields. The option is found in Preferences-General-Pad track display. Note that this is a display-only option and does not affect how the information is stored in the tag.
  • Rename templates can now specify Genre.
  • File to tag processing has been expanded. All tag fields found in Rename templates can be specified. There is now also an Ignore token used to skip data. There is also a new Folder Start token used to specify the extraction of information of a file’s folder name.

A note about online help: Apple strongly caches the help files associated with applications. As the help for Yate is updated fairly regularly, it is possible that you will download a new build and have older help displayed. Unfortunately, there is no current method to work around this issue from within Yate. Typically the issue only arises when additional help anchors are implemented. The forum section Yate-Issues contains a sticky item describing how to flush and automatically rebuild the help cache.