Well v2.3 is out and it’s another significant update.

This time we concentrated mostly on actions.  There are now over 100 action functions!

Previously Yate always executed actions stepwise.  Every step, or function, in an action executed for all files before proceeding to the next step.  This stepwise execution is necessary in order to properly process functions that affect all files.  This includes most artwork and database functions.  Some users have expressed a desire for more granular manipulation of individual tracks.  For this reason we’ve introduced Grouped execution for actions.

When an action function is run in grouped execution mode, the action and any called actions operate as a single group.  Picture this simplified example:

Action-1 has three functions:


run Action-2 Grouped


When Action-1 is run with ten selected files, the execution proceeds as follows:

process function-1 for all ten files

process Action-2 (and whatever other actions called) for file 1

process Action-2 (and whatever other actions called) for file 2

process Action-2 (and whatever other actions called) for file 10

process function-3 for all ten files


More information can be found in the How Actions Execute help topic.

This new execution model and the introduction of if-else-endif functions makes the scripting capabilities of Yate truly amazing.  In fact an entire test suite for v2.3 was written using only Yate actions.

Stay tuned, there’s lot’s more coming down the road.