We’ve just released Yate v2.6. The Preferences UI has been completely overhauled to eliminate the need to save or confirm changes. There is also an entirely new template editor designed to make it easier to create and view some of the complicated rename templates that you’ve been building.

This release also sees the sad change in the Discogs API regarding artwork downloading. 1000 artwork downloads across the entire Yate user base does not cut it and we’ve had to remove the ability to directly import artwork via the Discogs wizard.

We’ve implemented some feature requests including: a dedicated catalog field, a composer list, better support for unhandled frames in m4a and FLAC files, a less rigid auto-scaling implementation for artwork dragged into Yate, the ability to select a single artwork item and deselect all others and the ability to specify what preference data gets auto-synched.

There’s also been lots of tweaks and other adjustments.

Thanks to all of you out there that helped us test this release!