Just some bug fixes around UI regressions in Preferences-FLAC and Preferences-Tag Sets that occurred in v2.6.

We’ve also added support for files with a .mp4 extension. This does not include files which contain video.

Well after 300 builds v3.0 is looking good. We’d like to invite our registered users to take a sneak preview and pass on feedback if you’d like. There’s a new sticky topic in the forum called called ‘v3.0 Preview’. If you’d like a peak simply email us at support@2manyrobots.com and put ‘v3 preview’ in the subject.

One gotcha! Yate auto migrates its preferences and exported preference files but only one way…. to newer releases. As there are new action functions in v3.0 the preference file level has been bumped and will not load in versions prior to v3.0. If you want to play with the preview it might be a good idea to export your preferences first. You do this via Yate>Export Preferences.

We’re pretty exited about v3.0. As a matter of fact going back to v2.x releases for testing purposes has become quite painful for those of us that have been using v3.0 for quite a while now.