v3.14 has been released and it’s a big one!

We’ve actually included everything slated for v3.14 and v3.15 into this release as well as a pile of user feature requests.

This release sees an implementation of the new classical fields which will be supported in the next release of iTunes. iTunes 12.5 is available for testing in the Sierra public beta.

We’ve also incorporated a bunch of Sierra patches. Some of these were internal and some were visual. For some reason those circled characters we used all over the place as indicators look terrible on Sierra.

Some features previously only available through actions have been exposed in the UI. Finder tags and the selective copying of metadata between files to name a few.

The Custom Panel Editor now supports alternate display titles, properties and a new concept called Action Buttons. Actions can now test the modifier key states and can play custom sounds. All this allows for some pretty funky custom UI.

This release took a long time to get out… at least in the Yate universe. There were six previews and various one off builds that were seeded. I can’t begin to express how grateful we are to the many testers who went above and beyond what we expected. Detailed reports on how to reproduce bugs and implementation feedback and advice. Thanks to you all.