Well, the intent was for there to be a relatively fast turnaround after v3.0 shipped for the next release. Then v3.3.1 kept getting larger and larger and larger and now here we are at v3.4.

This time there is a rather eclectic mix of new features, all user driven.

People have been asking on and off for more comprehensive filtering of the main file list. We finally bit the bullet and jumped onto the implementation. Hopefully you like the new file list filtering.

We’ve provided the first round of AcousticBrainz integration for the extraction of low level audio properties. Currently you can import BPM and key values. They seem to have two different key determination algorithms which can produce different results. We’ve allowed to you import both results.

The number of custom fields has been expanded to ten and we’ve supplied a more comprehensive means of mapping the custom fields to low level audio frames, atoms, comments. The custom fields are now synchronized across the Yate feature set. As an example, if you run the MusicBrainz wizard and extract release ids which have been mapped to custom fields, they will will be properly synchronized to the low level components.

We write a lot of actions, so there are always action changes in each release. There are about six new functions and about another six or so have been enhanced. One significant change is that you can now directly embed a field value in any text field which supports escape sequences. \[Album] will insert the value of Album field. The properly escaped field names can be pulled from a context menu.

In the action editor we’re now keeping the date/time an action was last modified. and enhanced the sorting capabilities. You can specify the date representation and separate the display into ‘today’ and ‘not today’ values. If you want the actions you’re working on to really pop out at you, use the following date format:
‘★’ HH:mm:ss|yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss

There’s lots more and as usual the full set of release notes can be viewed at any time from the Help menu.

Thanks once again to everyone who helped test this release.