3.6 is out. A somewhat mixed feature set in this release.

We’ve tried … once again … to make sense of the various UDTIs used in conjunction with Discogs and MusicBrainz. We’ve opted to go with meaningful names as opposed to names directly associated with the low level audio frames/atoms/comments. This potentially can break existing actions if you are directly manipulating the UDTI names so we’ve built in a “dont’t do it” option. If you can’t do so now, you should eventually move to the default naming conventions as soon as possible as the option may be removed in the future.

We write a lot of actions! We significantly expanded the capabilities of the batch processing mode by supporting the running of an inline action before any folders are processed and another inline action after all folders have been processed. A number of prompt type action statements are now supported while batch processing so that you can interact with the UI. This was primarily enabled to use in the new Batch Start and Batch End inline actions. If you design new interactive actions for batch processing, remember that you can only use system variables to retain information between the per folder executions of the action.

As usual there are a slew of feature requests implemented. There are now ten custom edit panels and we’ve relaxed the conditions as to when components can be vertically resized.

…and last but not least, there are some bug fixes as well.

The full release notes are always available from the Help menu.