WYatee’re back.  Looks like we completely missed posting about v4.5.   Well, in Yate land, v4.5 is now old news.

This time around we’ve added support for Monkey’s Audio and WavPack files.  Both these audio containers use APE tags.   We’ve been putting off the support for a long time as APE tags are just different enough from FLAC tags to make them a royal pain.

Thanks again to all those people who tested the release via our Preview list.

A note about OS support.  First off we’re not dropping anything!  However, if you’re on OS X 10.9 you should be aware that others are dropping support…for example Chrome and DropBox.  At this time there are relatively few 10.9 specific tweaks in the code so maintenance is not a problem.  However, testing is becoming an issue.  We have an old 2010 Mac Pro which can boot 10.9 through 10.13.  It’s falling apart.  We cloned the boot partitions and they all work with the exception of the 10.9 boot image.  We’ve tried but we cannot produce a 10.9 boot image which does not cause a kernel attack.  So while we have no plans at this point to cull our OS support, sooner or later testing 10.9 will become problematic.

10.13 and 10.14 are stable.  I would recommend upgrading based on personal experience.  If your hardware will not support 10.14, jump on 10.13.  Remember 10.13 onwards has better FLAC support.  iTunes doesn’t support it but the Preview system does.