Yate v5.0 was released today with support for Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) and the new Music and TV applications.  At this time beta 8 of 10.15 is out and except for one issue everything seems to be working.  The issue with require a fix from Apple and is related to artwork downloaded from the Music application not being available to AppleScript.  A bug report has been submitted. There is a new Known Issues item on the Help menu which is an external link so we can update it at any time.

Every subsequent beta release has broken something so let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next beta and/or October release.  If there are new issues, we’ll fix them.

In Yate land this was a long development cycle.  There were five v5.0 previews which went out.  I’d especially like to thank everyone on the preview list for taking the time to provide a record amount of feedback.