In Yate time it’s been a while since a new version has been released.  We’re happy to say that v6.0 is out.

In this release we got around to doing a lot of things which have been on our todo list for quite a while.  Sit back, relax and read the changes documented in the release notes.  It’s a long list.

On the Known Issues front, we’ve implemented a better workaround for Music and TV not updating artwork when files are refreshed.  In a perfect world it would be a flawless solution but it unfortunately has a side effect due to yet another bug in the applications. If you only keep one artwork item in your files, the workaround is for you.  If you keep more than one artwork item in your files you’ll have to continue to use the Extreme Update set of actions.

Once again, thanks to all our testers without whom none of this would be possible.