What a day!  Apple has released macOS 11.3 and Xcode 12.5.  I had to update an Intel macBook, an M1 macBook and an iMac.  About about three hours later I’m up to speed.

Immediately after updating the Intel macBook, I was notified again that 11.3 was available. It was running 11.3 … at least according to About This Mac.   I tried rebooting … but no joy … Software Update was fairly insistent that I had an update.  It might have something to do with the fact that the first installation powered off the Mac after about 20 minutes and it did not come up again until manually started.  Regardless, knowing that the update notification would persist until I went insane,  I updated all over again and it seems happy now.

My iMac ‘s fan was going crazy and Activity Monitor displayed that syspolicyd was taking an average of 320% of the CPU time.  If only I could figure out how to get at more than 100% of my time. I gave it a while and then rebooted.  Now the iMac seems happy.

Oddly enough, the M1 macBook seemed to be happy right away.  Teach me to still have Intel Macs.

The really good news is that the OS now supports AirTags.  I’m seriously considering support for them in Yate so that maybe all that artwork, which doesn’t get updated properly can be found. Music was first released about a year and a half ago and still there’s no fix in sight.  Seriously there will be a new action statement called Patch Artwork and Drop AirTag.