It’s been a while.  Apple has jumped to macOS 12.0.1 and Yate is at v6.6.1.3.

I’m having trouble adjusting to the fact that my late 2014 iMac which is a powerhouse and still works perfectly, cannot run Monterey.  I’m probably not a good judge of obsolescence as my 2010 Mac Pro is still used as a test bed.  Rumour has it that new iMacs will be coming later in 2022 and I hope that’s the case.  I’ve ordered a new macBook Pro 14″ but I really dislike working day in and day out on a laptop.  Yes I know I can have a separate display but it’s really not what I’m looking for.  I’ve always had a laptop and desktop and I’m too set in my ways to change now.

Yate v6.7 has gone out for preview and it does have some interesting changes which will be enabling some great actions.  Coming soon.

Food is music inside the body, and music is food inside the heart.

— Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram