Ive been a little lazy with the blog posts as evidently I missed v3.16, v3.15, v3.15 and a slew of v3.14 follow up releases.

As with most releases, 3.16.1 implements a number of feature requests and fixes various outstanding bugs. We hope to keep pushing out the feature requests and bugs, well, there will always be bugs.

Lately we’ve had a number of people reach out to us asking our opinion on the “correct way to tag audio files”. We strongly feel that there is no correct way. Some people are hung up on keeping their metadata exactly the same as that on Discogs or MusicBrainz….. down to spelling mistakes and using the same exact capitalization rules. That’s fine if it’s what you want. Personally we take a far more lax approach. Just remember, that it’s your data. It should look the way you want it to look. Find a workflow that ends up with you having the metadata in a form that makes sense to you. In our opinion, that’s always correct.

A similar question is “What’s the largest cover image I should save?”. I remember spending a long, long time updating my personal collection from 100×100 images to 500×500 images. Then once iTunes started using 600×600 images I went through it again. Well, I personally now store the largest images I can find only typically scaling down if it is larger than 1500×1500. Will I ever regret not going larger than 1500×1500? I’m assuming not but history says I’m wrong.