Hello again!

v2.4 has been released.  We added support for two new audio file types (wav and dsf) and did a pile of work around Discogs, MusicBrainz and …. introduced support for AcoustID fingerprinting.

As is usual, pretty much everything done for v2.4 was based on user feature requests.  (We did find time to slip in a few of our own requests)

Complete release notes for v2.4 can be found here.

With the upcoming release of Mavericks we’re once again considering the number of OS versions that we should be supporting. So it’s time for you to weigh in.

Currently Yate is built for 64 bit and 32 bit environments. We would like to drop 32 bit support which is only required for Snow Leopard and older Macs. Actually we’d like to drop support for Snow Leopard. Many UI related API changes were made when Apple moved from Snow Leopard to Lion. Continuing support for Snow Leopard makes it difficult for us to move the UI forward utilizing any of these APIs.

The next major release of Yate will concentrate largely on the UI. We would like to take advantage of all that OS X avails us and dropping Snow Leopard would help greatly. So please let us know your thoughts on this, especially if you have a Snow Leopard requirement.

The choices are:

  1.     Continue support for Snow Leopard
  2.     Drop 32 bit support but keep Snow Leopard support
  3.     Drop 32 bit and Snow Leopard support (yah!)


This decision is important to us so you will be reminded the first time you run v2.4.

As far as the next major release goes….get us your UI based feature requests and after sorting through them we’ll have a better idea as to where we should be going.

Post your feedback in the forum  thread “Weigh in on Snow Leopard Support”. We look forward to hearing from you.