We’ve just released Yate v2.5.4. A mix of things this release. A few new action functions as well as a tweak to the display text for many action statements. We’ve also added the capability of syncing preferences between two copies of Yate. We’re using this to maintain the same actions, templates, etc. between our laptop and desktop Macs.

Some of the new action functions should make life a little easier for you power action writers out there. The Dump Variables function is a prompt which automatically includes the contents of the ten variables. Think of it as a breakpoint. The Save Variables and Restore Variables functions make it simpler to save and restore variables when calling a sub-action.

Lest you forget, we actually use Yate ourselves. Lately I’ve been downloading a bunch of concerts all of which have the Album field formatted as:

Concert Location m/d/y {extra text}

For some reason all date formats other than yyyy-mm-dd offend me. I’ve written an action to reformat Album fields with the above format to:

Concert Location {extra text} yyyy-mm-dd

The ‘Album Field Date Conversion’ action utilizes some of the new functions added this release and can be found here.