v3.1 is out in the wild!

A bunch of new action statements that were on the list for a while have been implemented.

We’re big users of the Musician Credits field so we’ve enabled the direct editing of it and the Involved People field. There’s also a new format option which is essentially a UI based implementation of the Format Credits action statement.

Almost every function button has a new menu item to open the Multi Field Editor with the appropriate field selected. It’s pretty convenient.

We’ve also fixed a few v3.0 regressions and the first batch of Yosemite oddities.

We’ve also stared work on a Sample Actions area on the site. Each action has pretty much step by step documentation and a download link for the action and any other required Yate components. There will be more samples as we move forward. Documenting them takes far longer than creating them 🙂 All the samples at this time have been with created with v3.1.

You can access the Sample Actions webpage easily from within Yate via the Help menu. You can also get at it from the forum.