Yate v4.0 has been released. 224 builds and three different implementations of Custom Fields. It’s amazing how far reaching a single feature change can be in an application.

Thanks again to all our testers on the Preview list who had to put up with ‘less solid’ previews than is typically the case. As always your comments and feedback were invaluable.

A lot of internal changes took place in this release. The dropping of support of OS versions less than 10.9 was merely the tip of the iceberg. We strongly suggest that you Export your preferences as a backup before you update. While we did not have any reports of update issues it’s better to be safe than sorry.

This release also moved the bar on what is the lowest version of Yate supported for importing Yate plist files. The lowest version supported is now v3.10 which was released over two years ago. If you have anything really old that you’ve exported and you have to import it after upgrading, reach out to us. Note that the importing of track metadata still works regardless as to which version was used to export the file.