Today we released Yate v6.2.  This release is a universal build and supports Apple silicon natively.

To make our lives more interesting we also released updated versions of Audio File Health Check, dff2dsf, Folder Album Artwork and Plaster.  These releases are universal builds and no longer support versions of the OS prior to 10.10.

Bye-bye Rosetta 2 🙂

Among many Yate changes such as the revamping of the custom field editor; the elimination of the ’20 custom variables attached to columns’ limitation; five additional preference lists and the ability to rename preference lists and more … there is a new alert presentation available.

You may love the changes that Big Sur brought or you may hate them.  Regardless, it seems more stable that Catalina (10.15.7).  Breaking a long standing tradition we’ve gone ahead and upgraded to the first official Big Sur release.  We were having an average of one or two Finder crashes a day under 10.15.7.  We haven’t had the Finder crash since we upgraded.

Big Sur alerts are iPad like vertical panels with centred text.   With all due respect they often do not work great on a Mac.  Try looking at a long file path in an error message breaking into three separate centred parts.  We’ve added the ability to choose an alternate alert presentation.  It’s wider, does not centre text, scrolls for long text and positions to the start of a long sequence as opposed to the end.